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Solutions for EMPLOYERS --- Risk Management


Caring Concierge enables employers to minimize employee lost productivity hours due to the crisis brought on from the urgent needs of their elder loved ones. Employers provide employees with a single source of integrated eldercare expertise.

  • Caring Concierge works with employers to address Risk Management issues           regarding their employees growing senior caregiving needs.

SCOPE OF THE ISSUE --- From the Employers Perspective

Cost to employers for full-time employees with intense caregiving responsibilities

  • $17.1 billion (source: Metlife)
  • Elder Care --- From the Employers Perspective
  • Over 42% of workers provide some form of elder care
  • 70% of employers report increases in caregiving-related staffing problems in the past 10 years
  • 40% of employers say they have no plan in place to assist caregivers

Total Number of All Caregivers Employed Full-Time with Caregiving Responsibilities

  • Men 52% (8.3M)
  • Women 48% (7.6M)

source: National Family Caregiver Association.

source: Families and Work Institute.



  • Bundled expert services
  • Ease of implementation
  • Ease of access for employees
  • Affordability
  • Expertise
  • High productivity employees focused on their jobs


Business-to-business solutions addressing employer risk management and Human Resources initiatives. Employees focus on their work assured that their senior loved ones are receiving the assistance they need.

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