About Us

The Caring Concierge model combines the depth of geriatric expertise and oversight along with the broad knowledge of solutions, technology, and service providers available to assist employees with eldercare responsibilities.

Understanding the complexities regarding the care of seniors is a seemingly infinite challenge of learning, understanding, and implementation. Caring Concierge provides the education and the solutions that employees need in order to competently resolve these issues while continuing to their focus on their jobs and careers .

Caring for a family member or friend is not easy, nor is it something that most of us are prepared to undertake. If you are employed and trying balance work and caregiving you may need help understanding senior care issues and navigating the landscape of possible solutions. Many of us, when faced with the challenge of caregiving for a senior, feel alone, helpless, confused, unprepared, and totally overwhelmed.

Caring Concierge enables employers to provide employees with a resource of bundled specialized services with years of experience in the care and caregiving of senior. Caring Concierge is a resource you can count on that will support you with the solutions you need to focus on your work knowing the needs of your loved ones are being professionally addressed.

Seniors are one of the fasted growing demographics within our country today. By 2010, the number of senior citizens aged 75 and over will be 81% higher than the number of seniors in 1990. Caring Concierge was founded to meet the needs of this rapidly growing population by providing the employee (caregiver) with a set of proven solutions. 

Whether the need is basic, such as understanding options and choices for senior care, or specific such as providing senior legal expertise, or providing in-home care for assistance with daily living needs, or any number of other specialized senior care issues, Caring Concierge is a one-stop resource for solutions that make a difference


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